studio products

An exciting range of proven acoustic and related studio products, ideal for contractors and self-build projects.

Acoustic wall panels
These are highly effective acoustic treatment solutions for rooms where 'full' cover
treatments are not desireable or affordable. They offer a high performance solution
to the control of room reverberation and monitoring reflections using tried and
tested panel designs that we use in our studio projects. They are available as fixed single sided or twin sets with 1 side hinged to provide variable acoustic control.
Standard size is 1200mm high x 600mm wide but they can be manufactured to
any size to suit the room requirements.


Acoustic Doors
Always a key element of any space that requires a high level of isolation, our
acoustic doors provide just that. 70mm thick solid cored with magnetic and
rubber seals ensure maximum performance with an easy-close system. The
range is available with porthole or DDA slot visions and in several different
wood veneer finishes.


Small diffuser
These neat little divices provide an attractive over dressing to acoustic walls
to increase RT without creating standing waves. Useful for add-on treatments
where parallel walls (or ceilings) have been installed. There are mounted to the
surface using Keku snap-in fixings and the panels are available in various
colours or hardwood veneered. Standard size is 400mm x 600mm.

Large diffuser
Designed for ceiling suspension, these are very effective at dealing with vertical
standing waves created by parallel floor-ceiling constructions. Typical sizes are
1200mm wide x 2400mm long but can be manufactured to other sizes and
shapes if required. Finish is usually paint and we often fit lighting above to
provide a diffused background effect. They are very lightweight.

Script Lectern
Manufactured from Solid Ash or Oak, these units are very robust and
will stand up to years of use within professional Voice Studio environments.
The fabric inlay panel is available in 40 different colours.
The solid brass adjustable stay allows the unit to be fully closed for
storage or transport.

Polycylindrical Diffuser/Absorber
Designed for wall mounting at the rear of Control Rooms or in Live
Room areas, these diffusers preserve Reverberation time without
slap. They also absorb mid frequencies (around 200HZ) very effectively.
Finishes available are veneer (Ash/Beech/Oak/Maple/Cherry and Walnut)
or as a painted finish.
They ARE heavy and require solid timber studs to be located within the
wall along the side edges...or can be fixed to masonry walls anywhere.

Modular Workstations
An attractive modular workstation system to enhance any audio or
video studio. The central section has an optional curved shelf for screens
etc and base units can be either full rack (12U) or half width (with or without
door) for Mac Pro/PC or general storage. The wings (available separately) are
on wheeled base units with worktops profiled to match the main desk so that
they can swing around to suit various operating angles.Inlay is from the Forbo
Desktop Lino range with worktop edges and cabinets in veneered MDF. Wood
finishes available are Oak/Maple/Cherry/Ash/Beech and Walnut.

Soft-top Booth Tables
These are available in semi-circle shape (see right) or as a 4-part modular system.
The inlay is double wrapped acoustic fabric (available in 40 colours) whilst the
surround is veneered MDF. The stainless steel legs are easily removable to allow the table to be stored flatpack.
Custom shapes are also available.

Technical Furniture1
Most of our studios include a custom designed and manufactured workstation
to precisely fit the needs of the engineer and installed equipment. Shown right
is a wings system designed around the SSL AWS900 console which has lino inlay
and Walnut edging and cabinet work.

Technical Furniture 2
For more budget concious clients we install lower cost custom workstations,
client tables, Gallery units and student desks in hardwood veneered MDF without the inlay or solid nosing. These are very attractive, functional and are fully customised
for each project whilst maintaining a cost effective solution.

Workstation 1 - Baker

The Studio People
From our 17,000 sqft facility in Mid Wales, we are fully equipped with CNC and
general joinery equipment to design and manufacture our standard and custom
acoustic and studio products to a high quality finish, technical performance and
rapid turnaround.
Call us on 01691-830061 or email for prices, options
and delivery.