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Tileyard Studios, London ...a new Mutli-Room studio facility designed, constructed and fully equipped by us on behalf of City & Provincial Properties PLC. There are 9 x Writing Studios, 2 x Programming Rooms, 3 x Booths, Live Area and Chill space spread across 2 floors. All rooms are tie-lined via a Central Patch and interior designs are as varied as the Tenant writers who fully occupied the facility even before completion.
Above is Studio B finished in solid Walnut with custom Technical Furniture, Projection/racks area and surround monitoring. Project completed May 2011.

Studio A, 21sqm, with daylight and also finished in Walnut.

Studio I on the 2nd Floor with attached VO Booth and finished in Oak.

Studio D, in Oak, with daylight and wrap-around workstation. Each room was individually tailored for each Tenant along with a custom design for their Technical Furniture.

Studio C (Goldust) 19sqm with daylight and finished in Oak. This has an adjacent VO Booth along with tiel-ines to other recording areas within the building.

Chill area on the 2nd Floor with Kitchen, TV and daylight. The facility has 2 shower areas for those long overnight sessions.

Studio F, 14sqm on the 2nd Floor....finished in Oak and with Daylight. This has the Live Room adjacent.

Studio E, 2nd Floor with daylight and finished in Oak.

Studio H, 2nd Floor with skylight and finished in Oak

Nice Harp! this is in Studio A

Studio B rear with deflectors and diffusers. All acoustic doors have stainless steel portholes and each room has it's own very quiet Air Conditioning.

Entrance to Amplifi/Tileyard Studios with Cafe adjacent and outdoor dining area. The Studios are located only 5mins from Kings Cross Station and has plenty of parking as well as a free shuttle bus to/from the station.
Phase 2 is soon to be underway with rooms getting signed-up very quickly.