clients / nwkc

North West Kent College , media facilities in Dartford. A multi-studio project constructed within their
refurbished swimming pool building with enabling works by Bam Construction.
The area includes a 5.1 Control Room, 3 recording areas, programming Booths, a computer area
and a rehearsal sound-booth space. Above=main recording area.
All finishes were in Oak and completion was March 2011.

The Control Room area with custom furniture and a view to the adjacent VO Booth. Our contract included
all M&E and Technical Infra-structure audio and video cabling and Central Patching.

The rear of the Control Room features helmholtz LF trapping and diffusion with space for
12 students within a Music Tech teaching environment.

There are 7 small Programming Rooms like this for small group sound design
and editing.

The main recording space can hold up to 40 musicians with visual links to both the
Control Room and Computer area.

The Computer area seats 10 students and overlooks the main recording room.

Autocad plan of the 1st Floor Facilities