clients / hana

Hanamusic, Montreux, Switzerland. A high end studio facility designed and built within the
Hotel Helvetie. The studio features a large Control Room, Live area and Booth. Main
monitoring is B&W stereo with a 7.1 surround system using Focals.
All finishes were in Ash and completion was April 2011.

Control surface is a 48 channel Euphonix MC5 Pro with 72 channels of DAD interfaces, Crookwood monitoring
control and numereous other usefull outboard items. The Summer 2010 build was followed
by an extensive Technical Installation with fully equipped Machine Room and patch system.

Control Room rear area. The room will be used for Music Production, Mastering, Post production
and ADR.

The Live area has plentifull daylight and can handle up to 8 musicians...inset is a close-up
of the MC5Pro.

Autocad plan of the studio.