Floating floorOur construction teams include builders, carpenters, shop fitters, cabinet makers, plasterers, decorators, electricians and of course electronic engineers!

We carry out all site works with our own people so that design drawings are followed to the letter. This way we can guarantee our quoted isolation and reverberation response figures.

Right: Later stages of a large (600sqm) recording area for video, film and audio. This one is Dinemec Studios in Switzerland


Ceiling structure

Above: Final touches go into the main studio (1) with Neve 88RS
console being commissioned at Dinemec Switzerland

Outdoor A/C units


Right: Most studios require temperature control and we generally install very quiet systems from Mitsubishi.

These are split heap pump units supplying air though our own design attenuator units.

Ducting is going in at Visual Communications, Leeds University.


Outdoor A/C units



Left: Finishing works almost complete to Live Room 1 at Dinemec.






Right: 16 outdoor Mitsubishi inverters systems lined up and ready to
cool in sunny Gland, Switzerland..