It's all very well building pretty rooms and that's what many clients will ultimately judge a project on. But we are also about designing great sounding acoustic spaces that make sure the mix you hear is well balanced and accurate ......
right down to 30HZ!

This is where our experience of acoustic design and isolation techniques pays off. We know how to achieve these aims within realistic budgets and use all our experience and equipment available to ensure that the final product meets or exceeds our quoted spec and the client's expectations!

To help us judge room performance, improve our techniques and ideas (after all, acoustics is not an exact science is it?) and produce a valid reference document for the facility, we use various tools to measure finished rooms including:
MLSSA, Smart Live, Norsonic Nor140, Ivie 35, Room EQ and Fuzz Measure.

A selection of RT60 reverberation plots

Noise graph

A Standard ISO-140 room to room isolation report carried out using our calibrated Nor140 instrument.
This adjacent room pair meets DnTw80

A Standard Noise Rating Report - all rooms normally must meet NR20 or better.